Direct Gas/Light Oil Fired

Direct fired air heater is provided for generating hot air by combustion of fuel. The air
heater has suitable burner mounting arrangement and air inlet and outlet nozzles. In direct
fired air heater, flue gases mix with process air.

  • Max temp – 1000 Deg C.

Indirect Gas/Light Oil Fired

The indirect air heater is made up of multiple shells. It is shell in shell construction. The
multiple shells are arranged in such a way that the product of combustion flue gases do not
mix with the process air. Cleaning nozzles and Explosion/access door are provided to enable
cleaning of the shells.

  • Max Temp- 320 Deg C


• Durable and compact construction
• Easy operation and minimal maintenance
• High level of safety in operation, thus greater reliability
• Optional recirculation system to improve overall thermal efficiency
• Fully automatic burner control and temperature control
• Horizontal & Vertical Mounting Options

Solid Fuel Fired HAG

These hot air generators are designed for maximum efficiency using a variety of solids fuels.
It is designed with fuel Flexibility in mind and can fire a range of use of any type of solid fuel.
It allows low and medium process temperatures without operating pressures.


  •  High-capacity heating system
  • Multi-fuel option – wood, coal, brickets, any type of e solid fuel.
  • Rugged – requires very little maintenance
  • User-friendly systems.
  • Fully automatic
  • temperature control


  • Direct Max Temp 550 Deg C
  • Indirect Max Temp 320 Deg C

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