Mechanical Vapor Re-Compressor Evaporator

Mechanical Vapor Re-Compressor Evaporator (MVRE)


Mechanical Vapour Recompression-(MVRE)is the most efficient Evaporation Technique driven by electrical energy thus reduces operating cost of steam and cooling water required in the process.

  • Low Operating Cost System.

  • No Cooling Water Required.

  • No External Heat Source Required.

  • Low Specific Energy Consumption.

Industries & Applications

  • Bulk drugs, API, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates Industries
  • Petrochemicals & Chemicals Industries
  • Food and Dairy Industries
    Textile & Dyeing Industries
  • Spent wash treatment for sugar industries
  • Breweries Waste water recycling
  • Common Efuent Treatment Plants
  • Semiconductors Manufacturing Industries
  • Battery Manufacturing Industries
  • Mining Industries / Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear Industries
  • Metals and Minerals Industries
  • Automobile Manufacturing Industries
  • Paper Industries

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