Spray Dryer


This is the only single step drying operation in which liquid feed solutions, emulsions,
dispersions or slurries are directly converted to free flowing powder or granules.
Spray Dryers are custom made designs having different atomisation and now patterns to
suit the feed and product characteristics and can be used for multi product drying.


Feed Solution or Slurry at high pressure is atomised through a nozzle into fine droplets and then dried instantaneously. Different kinds of air Flow patterns are possible with nozzle automisation systems. Nozzle type spray dryers are used to produce material in the granular,non-dusty form or powder form as required. Depending on the required physical properties of end products, the choice of co-current, counter current or mixed air Flow is selected.


– Wide range of materials can be dried.
– Options of both single Fluid/two Fluid nozzles.
– Easy to operate and user friendly.
– Compact Layout- Automatic nozzle change over with steam / air Flushing.

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